Some people know what they want to be from a young age, but Chelly did not. She believes her prior life experiences and previous struggles shaped her into the woman she is today. Though she has worn many hats over the years, family has always been Chelly’s greatest passion. Watching her loved ones go through difficult divorces and grueling custody battles inspired her to pursue a legal career.

At age 33, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and a minor in Paralegal Studies. After earning her paralegal certificate, she immediately went to work in Family Law. Whether it be her own family or helping someone else’s, she wants to make as many positive impacts as she can.

While Chelly prides herself on her caring nature, she is not one to stay passive on the sidelines. She approaches all client matters with enthusiasm and fortitude. She is strong-willed and determined to be an advocate for spouses, mothers, and fathers alike.

When Chelly is not working, you can find her riding her Harley, horseback riding, or going on outside adventures with her husband and six boys. She also loves taking her three dogs to the park and spending time with her rescue parrot.

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