Nancy is a highly experienced paralegal having practiced in the family law arena, probate, estate planning and all aspects of law for many years. She believes communication and empathy go a long way toward helping clients navigate through life-changing circumstances. Working through the court system is a daunting and sometimes confusing process for anyone unfamiliar with the system. Nancy is always more than happy to assist clients by explaining the process or simply reminding them that they have strong advocates on their side at Morris Sockle Posadas. While going through a divorce is certainly a heart-wrenching decision, it is a chance to renew and reorganize one’s life and relationships with children, former spouses or partners, and other family members. Nancy is an eternal optimist! 

When she is not at the office, Nancy and her husband own and operate a martial arts studio. She is a 7th degree black belt in Taekwon Do and has practiced and taught for over twenty-five years. Her priorities in life are her husband, children, grandchildren, her German Shepard, Greta, and of course, the Seahawks! 

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