8 Great Parts of Being Divorced During the Holidays

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It seems like a strange concept, thinking of the best parts of being Divorced during the Holidays. You’re probably thinking right now, What could be great about being Divorced during the happiest time of the year? Divorce is usually a difficult and frustrating process that appears to have pretty much no benefit. And when you think about the Holidays, you probably think of many memories with your ex, their side of the family, and your kids. Yeah, having more of those memories would be great, but the Holidays can still be a lot of fun without your ex.

If you think outside the box and get rid of society’s idea that nothing beats spending the Holidays with your family, then there’s actually a lot of great things about being Divorced during the Holidays. Divorce in many ways feels like an ending, but it’s actually the start of a new chapter in your life. In this article, we’re going to list some of the best parts of being Divorced during the Holidays.

1. You won’t get dragged to events you don’t want to attend

Being Divorced during the Holidays means that you don’t have to attend the boring events you were invited to as part of a couple. Your ex probably dragged you to events with their friends that you hated.

Now, you don’t have to go to any of those events you hated going to. There’s no longer the pressure to attend to a boring party just because your ex wanted you to go. Now, you get the opportunity to go to events you actually want to attend!

2. You get to spend your Holiday how you want to

With being Divorced comes additional freedom. Not only do you get a free pass on the boring events your ex took you to, you also get to spend your Holiday however you want. You can go visit your side of the family. You can go visit an old friend. You can stay at home, binge-watch Netflix and eat leftovers. You can get out of town for Christmas instead of being dragged to your in-laws. Lying on a sunny beach is much better than having to make uncomfortable small-talk at your in-laws house. And, traveling is much cheaper when you only have to pay for one person instead of two. Now that you’re Divorced, you can spend your Holiday however you want instead of coordinating plans with your ex.

3. Your dating life gets a boost

Being Divorced around the Holidays is great because of the abundance of activities going on. This makes the Holidays a great season for romance. The Holiday season is the perfect opportunity to ask someone you’re interested in out for a cup of coffee and a walk around town to see the Holiday lights. You can take your date to a show, a party with friends, or a themed dinner. And of course, you can attend a New Years Eve party with a date in the hopes of getting a New Years kiss. The possibilities for dates around the Holidays are endless, so get creative if you’ve started dating again.

4. You get to spend more time with Friends

Admit it, when you were married it was more difficult to spend time with your single friends. Either your ex didn’t like them or you hardly had time to see them. This is no longer a reality though. Now, you can spend your Holiday with friends you haven’t seen in a while. 

Plan a day out gift shopping with an old friend, or host a white elephant gift exchange with your friends. Attend a Holiday show or concert with your friends, or just invite them out for dinner. Your ex is no longer holding you back from spending time with them, so you might as well take advantage of it.

5. You’re less stressed out

While the Holidays are a lot of fun, they’re also really stressful. There are gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, parties and events to attend, cleaning for house guests, food to prepare, and more. All of this on top of holding down a job! But with your ex no longer around, your social life and Holiday responsibilities are reduced. Sure, there will always be parties to attend and gifts to buy, but there are a lot less now. Instead of being stressed out, you can relax a bit and spend more time enjoying the exciting parts of the Holidays.

6. You can pick up extra hours at work

Around the Holidays, responsibilities at work are at an all-time high. At the end of the year, there’s always a rush to get everything done. If you feel like it, get some more hours in at work. You might earn some brownie points with your boss if you volunteer to work a busy shift. You’ll make some more money, and maybe you’ll get more of your work done than you would have otherwise. You can also save your vacation days for later in the year. It’s not an ideal situation, but working during the Holidays can help your wallet.

7. You’ll spend more quality time with your kids

Luckily, there are many kid-appropriate activities around the Holidays such as shows, seeing Santa, wrapping gifts and parades. Take your kids to one of these fun family events, or stay home and plan an event. You can make new memories with your kids and enjoy a great Holiday with them instead of sharing their attention with the other parent.

8. The New Year is just around the Corner

As the cheesy saying goes, a new year, a new you! Being Divorced doesn’t necessarily change who someone is, but it can help you become the person you want to be. When the Holidays are over, a new year arrives with opportunities for growth. Pursue an activity or hobby you’ve been wanting to try. Learn more about a subject you’re interested in. Rethink your career ambitions or strengthen your professional skills. Spend some time getting over the Divorce and processing your emotions with a therapist. Make New Years Resolutions to work out more or eat healthier. Being Divorced during the Holidays means that in the new year, you’ll have a clean slate. Your Divorce is no longer holding you back, and this means that you can live free and prosper.

From all of us at Morris-Sockle, we hope you have a great Holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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