I did not actually intend to practice law for 50 years. I started representing clients in 1978. It turned out that I am pretty good at it. I have represented thousands of clients to help them resolve every imaginable personal and financial problem. I enjoy helping people.

I graduated from Central Washington State College with a degree in History with plans to be a school teacher (like my mother, father, and brother). But I got side- tracked into national and statewide politics for a couple of years. It was an exciting opportunity to work with some really great people trying to make the state and country a better place to live. I then headed off to Pacific Lutheran University Law School where I earned a Juris Doctorate Degree with High Distinction. I started practicing law in Olympia.

What I soon learned was that the first thing a good family law attorney needs to do is listen. Listen to their clients: discovering what is important to the client and what the client needs and wants to achieve. Then the attorney can work effectively with the client to develop a plan to achieve those goals.

I enjoy trials, but clients are often better served by a fair and reasonable settlement. I always negotiate, but never capitulate. If the opposing party will not be sensible, then we are ready to go to trial.  I have tried hundreds of cases in the Trial Courts, Appellate Courts, and State Supreme Court. We have taken on and won a lot of cases that other attorneys would have or did walk away from. We welcome righteous challenges; we do not run away from them.

A good Family Law attorney has to be a family counselor, business analyst, real estate appraiser, and then litigator. A smart Family Law attorney surrounds themselves with a great team, and that is what we have built at Morris Sockle Posadas. We have amazing attorneys, and skilled paralegals. It does not matter which of our attorneys and paralegals are handling your case, you will get the best possible legal representation at our firm.

My job and my focus is to help other people have a better and happier life.

I love the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy hiking, sailing, scuba diving, riding my Harley, cruising in my crazy yellow Prowler, and adventure travel in wild places. Life is good.

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