5 Ways to Get Through Being Alone on Valentine’s Day After a Divorce

Fri 11 Feb, 2022 | After the Divorce, Divorce, General, Holidays by

Sad girl touching a red heart

To put it lightly, Valentine’s Day after divorce can be complicated. Many would agree that being single or being alone on a day meant for love can feel like a world-ending catastrophe with the punchline of every joke ending in, “Actually, it’s Singles Awareness Day.” In reality, Valentine’s Day may serve as a painful reminder of your former flame and past shared traditions. On the other hand, it can be a relief to just spend …

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COVID-19 Update

Mon 30 Mar, 2020 | General by

We are open and handling cases in compliance with the Governor’s mandate and the operational requirements of the courts. We are conducting new client consultations by phone call or video conference. Courts throughout Washington are addressing upcoming hearings in different ways. Please contact your county clerks office or you attorney for the most up-to-date information on how to handle your case and upcoming hearings.  If you have an attorney, make sure you are aware of …

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Getting Through Your Breakup

Mon 20 May, 2019 | After the Divorce, General by

  We’ve all gone through those breakups that leave us eating some rocky road ice cream with a soup ladle while watching our favorite romcom (You’ve Got Mail, for me).  The initial hurdle of a recently ended relationship is made up of two parts.  First, is the person.  Whether you initiated the break up or not, at some point, you were invested in having a relationship with that person.  That emotional commitment to someone isn’t …

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5 Difficult Problems Adult Children of Divorce Face

Tue 5 Jun, 2018 | Divorce, General by

Grey Divorce (divorce over 50) rates have nearly doubled in the past 25 years, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. With this sharp increase, adult children are now seeing their parent’s divorce more often. Some adult children are shocked to find that as soon as they turn 18 and go off to college, their parents decide to get divorced. Even as an adult, seeing your parents go through a divorce is never …

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