Cooperation Saves Time

The most effective way to control the cost of your divorce is by reaching agreements with your spouse.

Divorce is difficult to experience. You may feel hurt and betrayed by the person you have lived with for many years. It may seem important to fight over every issue, no matter how small. That would be a poor choice. Divorce already takes an emotional cost. There is no need to add extra financial costs.  All divorces are expensive, but the attorneys at Morris-Sockle, PLLC will work with you to keep your cost under control

Savings through Cooperation

The most effective way to control the cost of your divorce is by reaching agreements with your spouse. Your reaching consensus on issues with your spouse results in fewer contested issues, which means less hours worked by your attorney. Cooperation saves time, and saving time saves money.

Work efficiently with your attorney

Be prepared for meetings with your attorney; be on time; be honest and forthright; promptly provide all documentation your attorney requests, and handle as many tasks as possible yourself. Your efficiency and cooperation in working with your attorney will minimize attorney tasks, and save you money.

Where the Cost Comes From

The cost of your divorce is based upon the hours your attorney has to work on the case. Attorney fees will vary based on the complexity of the case and the level of cooperation between the parties. The cost of your lawyer will increase if your soon-to-be former spouse is hostile or unrealistic in negotiations, and disagrees with your reasonable proposals. Even if they are totally unreasonable in their demands, that does not mean you abandon your objective and reasonable positions. At this point, the divorce is about business. Be business minded.

Often significant disagreement can arise over the parenting plan, or if there are substantial and complex assets to protect and divide. The amount of child and/or spousal support are frequently volatile issues. An experienced family law attorney can advise you as to what the court will most likely rule on an issue.  If you are not able to reach an agreement with your spouse, consider incorporating your attorney’s advise and make your settlement proposals more reasonable.

Attorney fees will add up quickly even in a case with reasonable cooperation. Quality legal representation will more than pay for itself in the final outcome of the divorce if you remain reasonable and objective. In addition to the attorney fees that you will incur, there are court costs such as filing fees, service of process fees, guardian ad litem fees, mediator fees, and, in complex cases, expert consultants and witnesses.

Time Really is Money

Keep in mind you are billed for all contact you have with your attorney and legal assistant.  So have your thoughts and questions organized in advance of meetings and telephone conversations. Being well-prepared, working in conjunction with your legal team, and reaching agreements on as many issues as possible with your spouse will help to ensure you have a cost-effective case.

No one can determine in advance exactly how much your divorce will cost. There are too many factors contributing to the cost of divorce to allow an exact estimate.  After hearing the basic facts of your case, we will provide a range for the fee, but that can change if your spouse becomes less or more cooperative.

Morris – Sockle, PLLC attorneys will do their best to work with you to get the best possible results in your case while trying to control the cost. However, do keep in mind the results of your dissolution will be long lasting and it is often necessary to pay your attorney now to protect your assets into the future.

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