COVID-19 Update

Mon 30 Mar, 2020 | General by

We have received a lot of phone calls and emails about how the current situation is impacting divorce cases and filings, custody agreements, restraining orders, and upcoming hearings.  Divorce attorneys Paul Posadas and Katrina Otto answer these questions in the video above.  For the most up-to-date information, contact your attorney or county clerk’s office.

During these difficult times Morris-Sockle is still working to protect the rights of every client. Though the manner in which the courts are handling cases has changed, they are still operational. We are committed to continuing to provide the quality service that our clients deserve throughout this time period.

Morris-Sockle knows that this doesn’t change the fact that new clients will need representation for their cases. We are prepared to handle new client cases and have platforms to conduct consultations either by video or telephone conference.

We appreciate your understanding as we will not be seeing any clients in-person to protect our staff and you. Morris-Sockle is able to be fully functional during these times using digital means to satisfy the requirements of the courts, and most importantly, providing you the quality legal services you expect.

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