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Thank you for joining our newsletter…and for joining us here in this special bonus area of divorce resources. Becoming informed is the first step in this process. That is why we have created these tools for you! You can access your downloads below.

The Morris-Sockle Divorce Guide

This guide will give you a good basic understanding of how the divorce process works in Washington. Within the guide, you will find essential information about the technical and legal aspects of divorce, and how issues are likely to be handled by the courts. When you fill out the form, you will receive a copy of our free divorce guide. Use this guide will help you clarify what you want and set your goals. Most importantly, this guide will help you approach your divorce from a position of knowledge and strength.

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Save Money on Divorce: The Checklist

After more than 35 years of helping men through divorce and family law matters, we understand the processes (and expenses) as well as anyone. That is why we have created this all-inclusive guide of the top 40 ways to help you control the cost of your divorce.

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The Military Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide for Military Service MembersWith this guide, you can begin to clarify what you want and set your goals. When you meet with an attorney, you will be better prepared to work together to develop a game plan for your case.

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